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Size, definition and pleasure for an intense Sex life

Is size paramount for a smashing sex life - Reviews, insights and suggestions

A myth is a belief shared by members of a society. Overall, it has some truth and part lie. But what is absolutely true is that you can influence your happiness when you do not know the difference. Sexual land is one of the most fertile for such popular inventions. Sex has an immense power of attraction because it adds mystery, the magic of procreation of life, the most hidden parts of the body and most intimate moments and maximum pleasure. But beware: tie his beliefs without seeking the truth can hurt you deeply. If your manly image is threatened by one of these sexual myths, you're in trouble. The penis, symbol of male sexuality, is the perfect target for older and cruel myths. In particular the question of size is one of the myths that cause more suffering to men who do not meet great expectations. But how much difference does the size of the penis to the success of a sexual relationship? Indeed, its importance is relative. Sexual fantasies, those thoughts of pleasurable erotic scenes are very important tools to develop your sex life. Many women claim to have had their most explosive orgasms with discreetly gifted men. While some consider the size important member of their partner, others give more importance to other details. Having a common and lasting sexual activity with a partner will increase your levels of free testosterone very quickly. And you because testosterone is the male sex hormone, the more you have, the better! Abstaining from sex produce your testosterone levels plummet and dry your sexual desire. Because many men abstain from sex, impotence levels are increasing.

Size is not equal to power

This is another mistake that is usually installed in the minds of many men. A large penis does not always have a sexual performance. The power or ability to maintain steady and prolonged erections, it is not an attribute of the most gifted men in a matter of size. This power depends on many factors. This requires the full and permanent attention on the relationship is necessary, without interfering ideas that create conflict. But beware: the "obligation" man always willing to maintain a sexual relationship is also a myth that must be discovered. Problems and pathologies associated with penis size. Among the most frequent anomalies regarding penis size is concerned, it is the curvature of the penis, also called syndrome of Peyronie. Roughly between 0.3 and 0.8% of male births have in the urinary opening a more distant compared to the axis, a condition known as hypospadias back. Not usually a significant problem and any surgery unless you present a problem to deposit the semen in the vagina or if there are any problems urinating are not necessary. Penis testicles or absence of internal testes is difficult to occur today, as corrected shortly after birth, but there are some cases. It's just a physical problem because the hormone testosterone and sperm normally flows are generated.

Associated psychological effects

Costumes syndrome is the need of many men, seeing other naked men that penis size is much smaller than it really is. It is one of the aspects of life in which most affects have a small penis. The penis has been since ancient times the symbol of masculinity in men, which leads to not having good proportions may be less attractive to the opposite sex. It is very common to feel "fear" or "insecurities" when it comes to relationships and dating to the in what aspects of life affects be afraid of possible rejection by the size of his penis. Unfortunately, studies have shown that it is a concern that affects thousands of people around the world. The loss of self-esteem can be a trigger factor. The lack of self-esteem, although it might seem strange could cause a sense of loss of authority or power in other aspects of daily life together with others. The moment something worries us rest becomes a very complicated task, but if it reaches the level of obsession or complex can unsettle our rest forever. This type of psychological pathologies affect entirely to our behavior and our rest and health, so must be treated as soon as possible. It is certainly the most widespread fear among people who have or think they have a smaller than average penis. Many men come to have real panic to have sex with their partner because they think they will laugh because of its size, which does not normally happen. In many of these cases are happening that while maintaining a sexual relationship only if you really think you'll be enjoying your partner and if that size of penis can really satisfy her completely, and do not enjoy the moment. Before performing penis enlargement techniques, it is advisable to follow a lifestyle that does not affect or contradict treatment. Most important to increase the size of the genital area and get sexual maintain durable and pleasant relationships it is to keep a healthy lifestyle. This link on testosteron steigern gives more insight.

Penis Enlargement Exercises effective techniques

There are many reasons that guarantee the efficiency of exercises to enlarge the penis. There are two clear comparisons, simple examples both explain how to understand, the first is the comparison with hundreds of rehabilitation processes do in the body, bringing consistency due and proper exercises can even recover movements they had lost. If you missed my previous article where I said that was the product mysterious I used to enlarge my penis naturally and quickly. Penis exercises for the second example are muscle development, an increase in muscle mass as a result of the same discipline, a change in the body naturally and voluntarily. Thus, with perseverance and practicing the right exercises, it is able to increase the volume of the penis, a result that in many cases implicitly brings a new degree of erection, strength and vitality in sex. Since penis size is directly dependent on the ability of host blood in his spongy corpora cavernosa, the aim should be to increase the capacity of this absorption. The interesting thing about all this is that it can be as simple as achieving a "stretch" the skin of the penis and stimulate the ability of the two bodies. Use a flexible tape, such as that used in dressmaking. The first recommendation is that the measurement should always be erect penis, whether flaccid accuracy is required and obviously never will have different results. You can also resort to the method of self stimulation and achieve erection. The diameter or circumference should be measured at the thickest part of the penis at its base and always in the same way. Rehearse several times until you can do it without looking to stoop to look may alter the measure. It is best to stand in front of a mirror and measuring. Take the length or longer is easier with a squad. You support the base, pressing your pubic bone, right at the root base of your penis and watch far it reaches length. It can also be done with tape, putting pressure on the pubic bone. Measuring the penis should only be for a comparison, one of the goals you should include for this measurement is to be sure to choose the most suitable to your size condom.

Before your Exercises to Enlarge Penis Rapid

You need some recommendations for practicing these exercises; recommendations that will enhance their effectiveness and much more besides make easier their practice. Since the exercises to enlarge the penis that we offer it is manually, is highly recommended to use lubricants, thereby because you avoid irritation. The best lubricants are water-based gels, the same used for sex. As much as you think it a good idea to do with soaps or oils, it is still a very bad idea, because they end up creating irritation because they are not made for prolonged contact with the skin, less in the case of sensitive skin such as the penis. Before your workout, place a compress hot water temperature bearable obviously on your penis, this will cause dilation in the vessels, increasing the results. Tomas towel, dip in hot water and you wind penis with her, so that it is completely covered and thus receive the same effect. We also recommend watching the 8 Secrets penis enlargement tips recently posted on my blog. Finally, choose a site appropriate place and time where you can be quiet without discomfort, pressure and tranquility of having at least 20 minutes. With the flaccid penis, take some pressure with the penis and perform movements from the ground up right where the glans begins. It prevents a full erection as this will prevent getting the results. The movement must be strong and firm. If full erection occurs not get to ejaculate, just relax and erection expected to drop to start again. You must perform 15 repetitions, relax for 40 seconds and repeat 15 more for 15 minutes. Then you press the perineum with one hand and with the other halas of firmly toward the front, sides, top and bottom, performs 10 repetitions each time. Alternate these two exercises to enlarge the penis quickly, they are really effective. If you want to know my whole story where I tell step by step what I did to extend my dale member then click on the following link. Click here to know I had to do to enlarge my penis quickly. As the penis Measures 95% fail to measure his penis. It is a very common question, because you will need to have this information and then take references averages and achieve clear your doubt or you do not have a small penis. Please if you missed my previous post where I reveal step by step what I did to enlarge my penis about 6 cm more. If you want to see my personal story and all I went through to have a miniature penis dale click here fear of all men. Knowing how the penis actually measured is necessary to choose the right condom, and of course to have a reference about your size.

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